• Muhammad Ahmer Saleem1, Nadia Kiran2, Marvi Memon3, Ammarah jamil4


Diabetes, Diabetic complications, Awareness, Medication compliance.


ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to assess the awareness about diabetes and its complications among diabetic patients and to determine the association between diabetic awareness and medication compliance in patients suffering from diabetes. Study Design: Cross-sectional study. Study period: The study was conducted for Four months after ethical approval from IRB. Study Setting: Study data was collected from multisite, which includes Karachi institute of Kidney disease (KIKD), Shine Humanity (Thatta), and a Primary Care Unit located in Karachi and Hyderabad. MATERIAL and METHODS: Total 800 patients were involved in the study; Data was collected during detail interviews from diabetes diagnosed patients on a structured questionnaire, having patient’s demographical details, the complications of diabetes and awareness regarding diabetes were asked and recorded on a questionnaire. Data was examined by SPSS 26. RESULTS: A total 0f 800 patients diagnosed with diabetes were included in our study, in which 374 (46.7%) were male patients and 426 (53.3%) were women patients. The results elaborated 352 (44%) out of 800 patients had a good knowledge of diabetes whereas 448 (56%) had a poor knowledge regarding diabetes. The Data indicating comparison between the knowledge level of diabetes and the compliance to medicines among study participants; based on the findings, majority of the participants have a poor knowledge of diabetes. Furthermore, those with a low medication compliance also had a lack of awareness for diabetes. A statistically significant (p<0.05) relation between knowledge level and medicine compliance was demonstrated among the study participants. CONCLUSION: Study observed lack of awareness regarding diabetes and its complications. The unawareness of diabetes and its complications found a significant relationship with medication compliance among diabetic patients. It was observed that raising awareness about the complications associated with diabetes is intimately linked to medication compliance. Patients who are well-informed about the risks and consequences of non-compliance are more likely to take their medications as directed, leading to better disease management, reduced complications, and improved overall health outcomes


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Muhammad Ahmer Saleem1, Nadia Kiran2, Marvi Memon3, Ammarah jamil4. (2024). AWARENESS AND DEVELOPMENT OF COMPLICATIONS IN DIABETIC PATIENTS VISITING IN OPD.: JPUMHS;2023:13:04,127-134. Journal of Peoples University of Medical &Amp; Health Sciences Nawabshah. (JPUMHS), 13(4), 127–134. Retrieved from