• Kainat Javed1, Absar Nazir2, Zeeshan Malik3, Umair Bin Nasir4.


Keywords: research, undergraduates, medical, awareness, knowledge, barriers



Introduction: Medical research has an impact on disease prevention, diagnosis, and newer

treatments. It has resulted in policy changes for health-care programmes. Because

undergraduates were underrepresented in research, this study was designed to identify the factors

and their opinions towards them. Objective: The study's goal was to evaluate the knowledge,

attitude, experience, and research hurdles of medical undergraduates. palce and duration of the

study: In May 2022, this study was carried out at the University Faculty of Medicine and

Dentistry in Lahore. Methods: A cross-sectional questionnaire-based study was carried out with

institutional ethics committee approval and written informed consent from the students. A

verified pre-designed questionnaire with 34 questions was used in this study. From UCMD, we

received completed questionnaires from first to Final year medical students of MBBS

programmes. Descriptive statistics were used to analyse the data. Results: Data was collected

from 674 students out of 785 students and the response rate was 86%, out of which 595 were

females. 67% students totally agreed that research should be part of undergraduate curriculum.

60% students thought that it would improve clinical practice and better understanding of subject.

Almost 69% believed that research was not a waste of time and did not interfere with studying.

Funding (49%), Lack of awareness (53%), time (63%), follow up (77%), interest (54%) were the

main barriers to research. 62% of students were dissatisfied with the faculty's lack of

encouragement. Conclusion: The majority of students were knowledgeable about research and

indicated a good attitude toward participating in research activities. Some barriers, which

undergraduates faced, were lack of awareness, time and funding.


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